Heat Stress Solutions at the World Cup

Published on 27-06-2014


Beat the Heat Options

As we get closer to the World Cup in Brazil, more and more attention is going to the heat in Brazil, and how it might impact the players.  As we watch this trend, the impending heat in Brazil, and help our customers (the Dutchmen, the Belgians, the English, and many other professional athletes), prepare themselves using our unique cooling solutions, we cannot help but be drawn into a discussion about alternative solutions.

It seems that there are two primary options that teams and their doctors are looking at, 1. solutions provided by TechNiche, such as our unique KewlFitTM Vest, Hybrid Vest or HyperKewlTM products, and 2. ice vests with a new wrapping.  Twenty years ago ice vests and ice baths were a mainstay in the locker rooms, but the science of pre-cooling and post cooling has advanced since the days of the ice vest.  Dr. Stacy Sims, Exercise Physiologist at Stanford University, had this to say about ice cooling versus cooling at 58'F/14C, such as provided by TechNiche products,

“58-61'F is a gradient aspect, not an absolute temperature. When you get too cold (i.e. 44'F or colder) it will instigate a vasoconstriction response- shunting blood away from the skin back to the core. If you get too warm (65'F plus) there is diminished returns on the amount of heat released/pulled away from the body- know that the skin temperature takes on more of the ambient temperature/reflects more of the ambient temperature.. 58-61'F has been shown to maximize the gradient to reduce heat storage without invoking any vasoconstriction response.”

Basically, Dr. Sims is saying that ice vests, such as the one being provided by Adidas and their pre-cooling vest, are too cold and can cause the veins to dilate, which can prohibit good blood flow to the extremities.

For more details on what Dr. Sims has to say about pre-cooling go to the below link.


If we take the key elements of the two main cooling options for Brazil 2014 being discussed, we get the below comparison.

TechNiche Cooling Vests vs. Adidas adiPower Pre-Cooling Vests

Item TechNiche Cooling Vest adiPower Cooling Vest
Cooling Duration 2-3 hours 15-20 minutes
Cooling Temperature 58F/14C Around 32F/0C

Probability of Harmful

Vasoconstriction Response

0% High
Preparation Time 35 minutes in the freezer 2 hrs in the freeezer plus soaking time
Storage Anywhere Must be stored wet
Commercially Available Yes No

Note: Information for adiPower vest taken from recent Adidas press releases

While you can make nearly anything look good with the right packaging and marketing, a point by point comparison of the available data creates a very different picture as to the right cooling solution for athletes wanting to pre-cool and post cool during competitions.  Ignore the names, look at the point by point comparison, and make your choice.

Team doctors of many professional athletes have chosen TechNiche International as their pre-cooling and post-cooling solutions provider.  TechNiche International has been chosen, not because of our brand recognition, nor our marketing capabilities, but because TechNiche International provided the best personal cooling solutions, as we have been doing for over a decade.


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