TechNiche keeps Nuna5 Team cool!

Published on 02-08-2010

TechNiche keeps Nuna5.png cool!

TechNiche did supply the PCM Coolpacks to cool the Solar racing car's battery and besides we delivered our HyperKewl Cooling Apparel for the Nuon Solar Team to create an optimally body comfort.

Last news; Sunday August 1st 2010:

Nuna5 Team.jpg

The Nuon Solar Team did achieve a fantastic performance with a 3rd place at the Suzuka Dream Cup! After an exciting second racing day, in which the solar car was pushed to its limits, the team succeeded to maintain the result of yesterday.
The team from OSU, Osaka won the Suzuka Dream Cup.


TechNiche congratulate the complete Team with this great result!

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