The Orange Dutchmen Beat the Heat in Brazil

Published on 27-06-2014


A New Tool for the Dutchmen

This summer, everyone will be watching their nation's teams as they compete for the World Cup in Brazil. Van Gaal, the Head Coach of the Dutch National Team, will take every weapon available to him to create a competitive edge for his players. Included in his arsenal is the unique KewlFitTM Cooling Vest by TechNiche International, and their line of HyperKewlTM products. As van Gaal's team battles through the grueling competition and heat of Brazil, they will not have to battle heat fatigue. Players such as van Persie, Robben and Sneijder will be able to compete at peak performance levels. The performance of athletes declines as their body temperature increases. In Brazil, especially during the upcoming World Cup, temperatures will be high, making it difficult for the players to play at their best. Proper pre-cooling with a KewlFitTM Cooling Vest can help the athlete maintain a comfortable core temperature and avoid heat fatigue before the start of the competition, during warm up. Our HyperKewlTM Evaporative Cooling KewlShirtTM can help keep the athlete cool during play. Finally, our KewlFitTM Cooling Vest will help the athlete to recovery more quickly as it helps to cool them down, a crucial advantage during a long tournament. Understanding the advantages of pre-cooling, cooling during the competition, and post-cooling, the players of the Dutch National Team have chosen KewlFitTM and KewlShirtTM by TechNiche International as their weapon of choice for Brazil 2014. We look forward to seeing players such as van Persie, Robben and Sneijder utilizing this new tool to compete at optimal performance levels. Performance Improvement Rates Effective cooling can be the difference between winning and losing a game and a tournament. As determined by Dr. Eijsvogels of the Physiology Department at Radboud University Medical Center, " Athletes who used cooling products performed an average of 6.7% better than those that did not. Remember that in sports the difference between the first and fourth place is marginal. So improving your performance by nearly 7%, thanks to proper cooling techniques, can have a big impact on the final result." The doctors and physios of the Dutch Team feel the same way and have determined that the KewlFit Cooling Vest and KewlShirt by TechNiche International will give them this advantage. Product Details TechNiche International's KewlFitTM Cooling Vest uses phase change material to keep the user at a cool 58F (14C) for two to three hours. This comfortable cool temperature can help the user to maintain a lower more comfortable core temperature before the start of play. This is an ideal tool for both event pre-cooling and post event cooling. The KewlShirtTM uses TechNiche International's HyperKewlTM fabric to help the user stay cool through the evaporation of water contained within the HyperKewlTM fabric. KewlShirtTM is light weight and effective for cooling while competing. For more details go to TechNiche International is a manufacturer of cooling vests and accessories for athletes, workers and anyone battling the heat. For more information go to


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